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Welding according to bengkel las pagar the big Indonesian Dictionary (1994) "is joining iron by burning. Welding is one of the metal joining techniques by melting some of the parent metal and filler metal gone or without pressure and afterward or without extra metal and producing a continuous connection. Welding bearing in mind the method known today, became known at the arrival of the 20th century. As a heat source used ember from the combustion of acetylene gas which became known as carbide welding. At that time, electric welding had been developed, but it was nevertheless rare.

Based upon the definition of DIN (Deutch Industrie Normen) welding is a metallurgical devotion at the guide metal joint which is carried out in a melted or liquid state. From this definition, it can be additional elaborated that welding is a local membership of several metal rods using heat energy. At this time, 40 types of welding have been used, including welding which is carried out by pressing two united metals fittingly that these two metals can be glued together.
Welding is one of the metal joining techniques by melting some of the filler metal similar to or without pressure and similar to or without extra metal which produces a continuous connection. The scope of use of welding techniques in construction is agreed wide, including shipping, bridges, steel frames, pressure vessels, pipe pipes, pipelines and in view of that on.

Welding techniques are sought after by some people who want to learn to weld. We can get these techniques in vocational or puzzling schools. However, for mysterious people who desire to approach a welding workshop business, for example, they tend to not have epoch to psychiatry formally. Therefore, we will give some welding tips that we hope can back us every in learning how to Weld Correctly.

The with is the perfect welding procedure:

Clean the material to be welded. Use a hammer to descale the surface of the place to be welded. Use a steel brush for maximum results.
Place the material to be welded in the express provided. Be it using a workbench or just laying it upon the floor. accustom yourself the density between the two materials. Use clamps if needed.
Place the welding robot lump upon one part of the material to be welded. tally up the electrode upon the electrode clamping panel on the welding machine. Install the slope of the electrode according to the slant of the material. Usually there is a special area for the electrode aim upon the electrode clamping pliers. Be it 90 degree, 30 or 40 degree perpendicular.
After the material is ready to be welded, slowly bring the tip of the electrode closer to the material to be welded.
The disaffect with the tip of the electrode and the material to be welded greatly affects the vibes of the welding. If the make unfriendly is too far, there will be sparks bearing in mind rain of flare spots. The welding process will not be perfect. If the isolate is too close, the flame will not burn properly. And there is not sufficient separate from for the melting electrode. A good separate from is one-eighth of the thickness of the electrode.
By using a protective mask or welding goggles, you can pay attention to the portion of the electrode that has melted which unites the two materials physical welded. Slowly influence the electrode along the welded area.
Good results during the welding process can be seen subsequent to the welded surface is shaped gone a tight and regular reaction that categorically covers the welded part.
When finished, tidy the scale that covers the welded parts using a hammer. Check anew whether there are parts that are not perfect. If it's not perfect, repeat the parts that haven't been put together well. In some cases, the welded material must be grinded anew if the welding is not perfect. But if it's not too fatal, we just craving to weld the parts that haven't been welded perfectly.

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