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All risk-free investments you can try on Binance as a beginner (and what’s the risk) Y ou want to open a crypto exchange account. After some googles, you notice that Binance is pretty good (In fact, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world by trading volume), and wonder if you should just buy-and-hold bitcoin. Well.. crypto-currency, in 2021, has many more to offer than just buy-and-hold. In fact, there are many risk-free investments that you can participate on decentralized finance just by holding your coins.

The problem is, there are many ways to go wrong as well, especially for a beginner. The most common one is that you could send your ERC Token (e.g. ETH) to a different network, resulting a total loss, and would never be able to retrieve the coin again. Fortunately, Binance has made a tremendous effort to folk (copy) the most popular and sophisticated decentralized finance applications, migrating them into Binance Exchange, making it safer and accessible to many beginners.

In this article, I would introduce the most common risk free investments you could make on Binance Exchange, specifically. Short introduction on the investment How you can participate Expected return Why they make sense What’s the possible risk that you could face. Table of contents. I have arranged items 3–7 from the easiest to hardest, though all of them are beginner friendly. Definition of " risk free " Introduction to Binance Earn Binance Saving Binance Staking Binance Vault Liquidity swap Neutral position arbitrage.

Definition of risk free. There are 2 levels of risk free, in which I would phrase them as dollar level risk free and token level risk free. Dollar level risk-free is the true risk-free return that a normal investor probably prefers. It simply means that the total USD value of your portfolio stay the same throughout the investment. On top of that, you will receive an additional interest rate return. Token level risk free , on the other hand, means that the total number of your token (e.g.

Bitcoin) stay the same throughout the investment. On top of that, you will receive an additional interest rate return. Introduction to Binance Earn. As there are more and more investment binary options strategy books for games made available on Binance, they are consolidated under one place named Binance Earn, which you could access under the Finance tab on the Binance front page. Binance Saving account. Binance Saving supports both Dollar level risk free and Token level risk free investment. Binance saving is probably the easiest one to understand.

You simply deposit your token into Binance saving, and receive a fixed interest rate daily as specified on the website. Portal : https://www.binance.com/en/earn#flex-item Return : 6% p.a. for stable coin (e.g. USDT / BUSD) / 1.2% p.a. for Bitcoin. You could transfer your token into saving account by simply clicking the transfer button, and you would receive interest payment on daily basis . Also, you could transfer money back from saving account to spot account at anytime immediately.

If you are certain that you won’t withdraw your money from saving account for a fixed period (7/14/30 days), you can apply for a Fixed Saving.

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