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One of the big problems of the rookie at the gym is to try to absorb as much contradictory information as you get.

When you don't know absolutely anything about training and nutrition, you're permanently with your well-open ears trying to absorb ideas that mark the right path.

You want to get results, and do it as soon as possible. And you think listening to the veterans will help you.

It's not a bad approach at first. They have already accomplished the body you want to accomplish and have been training for a long time.

Something should know, right?

Unfortunately, they are not even a 100% reliable source.

The reason? Bodybuilding is full of myths, both in relation to nutrition and training, that survive the years, and that even people with a long experience continue to believe as absolute truths.

To prevent all this misinformation from spreading and slowing down the results of those who believe it, we have two great allies: science and common sense.

With these tools we will try to end many of these myths of bodybuilding, half truths or directly false beliefs that you will surely have heard more than once.

Ready to start the demolition work?

Well, let's go.

Here are sarms steroids some of the unrestricted assertions that have become dogma of faith within the world of gyms and with some that other widespread belief among those who have never stepped on them.

Myth No1: Low repetitions are better for size and high to cut.

Stand up for a moment to think about the big culturist champions. In the volume period they are seen immense, huge and covered.

But when the time comes to go on stage they look like a maximum definition.

Do you really think that in order to achieve that change they have gone from moving big weights to making 25 repetition light series?

No. It is not the number of repetitions that determines your appearance. It's the diet.

The appearance shown at one time or another of the season marks the amount of fat that covers your muscle.

Muscle growth is based on progressive adaptation to increasing stimuli. But if the process occurs on the reverse, the body adapts equally.

What does this mean? That if your muscles work with increasing weights will grow. When you loved this information and you would love to receive much more information concerning JBHNews kindly visit the web-page. And if they do it with smaller and smaller weights, they will decrease.

The body is a living organism in constant adaptation to the challenges presented to it.

Therefore, increasing repetitions and lowering weight does not allow you to look more defined. It will make you have more resistant and smaller muscles. Because the challenge to which you submit is not related to strength and size, but to resistance.

And if they don't need to be big to overcome that challenge. What need do you need to keep your current size?

So you distill that idea from now on.

Do you want to achieve a more defined look? Change your diet, not your training.

Myth #2: Eating many eggs is harmful

I'm sure you've heard that you can eat as many egg whites as you want, jbhnews but that you'll be careful with the yolks.

The reason for this precaution is supposed to be that high consumption of these can increase cholesterol levels and jbhnews therefore favor the emergence of coronary diseases.

Well, forget it. Science has already shown that by many full yolks or eggs you eat, your heart will not be affected.

It's not an isolated study.

We all know that just as studies are published that affirm one thing, the next day another can be published holding the opposite.

It is a matter of taking all the studies that have been done in relation to the consumption of eggs and the risk of coronary disease and putting their findings to review, as they have done here.

Results? After taking into consideration all studies carried out in effect there is not a single test that guarantees the relationship between both factors.

The egg is one of the cheapest and most effective protein sources you count on and you should not limit your consumption steroids for weight lifting unfounded fears.

In addition, the bioavailability of the egg protein is greater in the whole eggs than in the clear, so you should lose the fear of getting a few buds to your tortilla.

So forget about the egg steroids before and after 1 month cholesterol cantine. Remember that there is not a single test or study that endorses the theory that eggs are harmful to your health.

Take as many as you want. Without abusing, like any other food. But with total tranquility.

Myth No3: If you stop training, the muscle becomes fat

Let's be clear. If this statement was presented to a contest of stupidities, he would win the street.

Muscle is muscle. Fat is fat.

These are two different types of tissues.

They can't transform one another.

Can you become an elephant or a cow because you eat a bomb steroid lot?

No. You'll still be human. Fat maybe, but human.

Well, this is the same.

Fat may increase or JBHNews decrease in your body. But it won't stop being fat.

And jbhnews the same happens with the muscle. Be more developed or less, it will always be musculoskeletal.

What can change is your body composition. That is the ratio of muscle tissue vs fatty tissue.

If you're used to giving your body such calories to cover their basic needs and build muscle, it will do it while you train it.

If you stop training your muscles but you keep eating the same, your body will find a calorie remnant that doesn't have a real utility to give it to.

And what do you do when you have something and you don't use it? You keep it.

That makes your body. And that's why you get fat if you stop exercising and keep eating the same.

The solution? Adapt your caloric intake to your new situation, much less active.

Simple, right?

Spend less, eat less.

But do yourself a favor.

Stop making a fool of yourself. Don't repeat this caliber shoots again.

Myth No4: Protein smoothies are bad

The typical phrase of when you meet a friend you don't see long ago and tell him you've been at the gym for a few months is:

"But you won’t take protein shakes and crap from those, will you?"

Leaving aside my opinion of your friend's cenutrition, if you still think like him you must have lived in a cave all this time.

All foods contain, totally free male enhancement steroid pills names free shipping (jbhnews.com) to a greater or best injectable oral steroid cycle (https://jbhnews.com) lesser extent, 3 types of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Protein smoothies are, as their name indicates, food compounds especially rich in one of them. Proteins.

They're not drugs. They're not harmful chemicals. They're nutrients.

They are extracted from natural sources such as milk, eggs, soy or meat products.

They are simply presented in a different and much more efficient format, as they are easier to digest and do not provide excess calories.

The fact that they come in a boat of eye-catching colors instead of presented in the form of steak does not make them worse food.

And also, they usually contain other ingredients that help you in your goal of creating muscle mass, such as creatine or BCAA ́s.

Therefore, JBHNews they are not only a food, but they are a high quality food.

Much healthier than eating a streak of clays or clays. Have it for sure.

And those, your friend puts them between his chest and back without the slightest remorse.

Myth no5: Consuming carbohydrates at night fat

This is one of the most widespread myths, JBHNews and it's no wonder it is.

While other claims have no scientific basis, JBHNews it is a proven reality that carbohydrates that the body does not use as energy, accumulate as fat.

Starting from that real fact, many people think eating carbohydrates at the last few hours of the day makes you fat, since, in theory, once we go to sleep we no longer spend calories.

And it's here that the theory makes waters.

Your body is not a machine that when you're going to rest the desenchufas and ready.

The reality is that the body is still active, perhaps to a lesser degree of activity, yes, but it still needs energy to maintain your vital functions.

So, even though you think those carbohydrates you eat at night don't get spent, the truth is that it's not.

In fact, if you train, it is at night when the body performs all the cellular repair work, therefore believing that simply "disconnects" calorie consumption is a mistake.

Does that mean you can consume as many carbohydrates as you want at night without fattening?

Not exactly.

What it means is that the ability to fatten is more linked to the amount of carbohydrates you consume than at the time you do.

Carbohydrates consumed:
If you do not eat any carbohydrate throughout the day, and consume them at night, your body will use them as energy, provided that the total calorie intake does not exceed your requirements.

Therefore, eat carbohydrates at night not fat.

There is no direct relationship between the two factors, as demonstrated by this 2011 study.

In it, two groups of people consumed the same foods and calories, but while one group took 80% of their carbos during the day, the other ingested them at night.

After 6 months, the group that had consumed carbohydrates at night had lost more fat and weight than the one that consumed them during the day, in addition to having a lesser sense of hunger.

So, if you don't want to get fat, stop worrying about when you eat the carbos and start checking that your daily calorie consumption doesn't exceed your needs.

That's where you have to put the focus.

Bonus: "I don’t want to get too big"
Okay, kid. Don't worry that for this year we won't sign up for Mr Olympia. If that's what we left for next.

How many times have you heard someone answer like this when they explain why they don't sign up for a gym?

I don't want to do blood. But the ignorant term is short.

Do you really think that by taking four weights you're going to be like the professionals involved in competitions worldwide?

Those people not only have been training very hard for a lot of years and dedicating their life completely to bodybuilding.

They also have a privileged genetic.

I mean, even if you replicate each and every one of your actions, you probably wouldn't get half of your results.

So if your reason not to join the gym is that "You don’t want to get too big," don’t worry because that’s something that won’t happen.

And do the favor of having some respect for those who turn it on while you put cheap excuses, JBHNews slippers.

We've already seen 5 of the most common myths between the gym fauna but also among the pee people.

And it is that our sport has a kind of stigma that seems to pursue its practitioners:

You can't be strong and at the same time be a healthy, intelligent or JBHNews formed person.

If you have muscles, you must be dumb. Or your health will get cold sooner or later. Or you're a fucking ciclad.

Those are the only options they contemplate.

That's why in many cases they are the first to keep alive and to give pabulo to false beliefs.

This is, in most cases, the result of the inability of some to assume that there are people who want to improve and strive for it.

Those people are the mirror in which they do not want to see their laziness or mediocrity reflected.

That's why they try to undermine their effort and discipline.

The best steroid to lose weight example of this attitude is the one that is reflected in the special bonus we have shown you.

The little phrase you're told by those who don't step on a gym or hartos of wine.

But of course, you've seen why they don't.

It's not because they don't want to crush, sweat, a likely danger from long term use of steroids includes or JBHNews make great sacrifices to get a body that everyone envy.

That's not why.

It's because they don't want to get too big...

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