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AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 Hexa-Core,64 GB DDR4, NVMe SSD 2 x 512 GB - 50$ monthly
AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X Octa-Core,64 GB DDR4, 2 x 1Tb - 80$ monthly
AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900 12-Core,128 GB DDR4, dedicated server kf NVMe SSD 2 x 1,92Tb- 125$ monthly
AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X 16-Core,128 GB DDR4, NVMe SSD 2 x 3,84Tb - 150$ monthly
AMD EPYC™ 7502P 32-Core "Rome"128 GB DDR4, NVMe SSD 1 x 1Tb - 180$ monthly
Intel® Core™ i7-6700,64 GB DDR4,2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD- 50$ monthly
Intel® Core™ i7-8700,128 GB DDR4,2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD- 80$ monthly
Intel® Core™ i9-9900K,128 GB DDR4,2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD- 95$ monthly
Intel® Core™ i9-12900K,128 GB DDR4,2 x 2 TB NVMe SSD- 165$ monthly

Connection: 1 GBit/s port
Traffic: Unlimited
payment Visa/Mastercard,Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,DASH,Litecoin,Ethereum ERC20,DogeCoin DOGE,WMZ,Qiwi

Kikkerbeet 50, Amersfoort

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