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Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson had it right all along: winbola99 the best things in life truly are free. This , some gamers might already have received a present in the form of a costless downloadable update to The Witcher 3 — the seven-year-old fantasy epic that has a decent claim to being the best game of all time — that makes it look sparkly-new for PCs and the latest PlayStations and Xboxes.For those gamers who don't own The Witcher 3, you can give them access to the update and to a hundred hours of monster-slayin' and sorceress-wooin' for as little as £6.99.Or perhaps the best things are actually quite expensive.

Until recently, there were mile-long waiting lists for the Steam Deck (between £349 and £569, depending on memory size), a powerful handheld computer that accommodates thousands of PC games. But, now that the initial rush has subsided, it's possible that new orders will even be delivered in time for the 25th. This Christmas, a costless downloadable update to The Witcher 3 has been released RELATED ARTICLES

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The Playdate (about £145, depending on dollar exchange rates) is a different sort of handheld device to the Steam Deck. It's cheaper, for starters. And it's smaller, yellow, and has a, er, hand crank. Yet, for all its eccentricities, it's given me some of my most straightforwardly enjoyable gaming experiences of the year.For play that's more, well, plastic, look towards Lego, who have added to their range of sets aimed at gamers both young and old.

Their detailed recreation of the Atari 2600 console (£209.99) is perfect for anyone who pines for the 1980s. The Sonic the Hedgehog and Horizon Forbidden West sets (£69.99 and £79.99) are great for those with shorter memories. Characters from The Witcher 3: Triss (left), Geralt (middle), and Yennefer (right) For gamers who don't own The Witcher 3, they can access the update for as little as £6.99Alternatively: boardgames.

Clipology (£24.99) is a wonderful mix of traditional and modern, as it sets you and your opponents rolling dice and answering movie trivia questions — all while streaming clips on whatever screens you have to hand.Whereas HeroQuest (£99.99), a revivified version of the 30-year-old classic, is unapologetically traditional — but, happily, its brand of dungeoneering hasn't aged a day.If you want to keep it digital, however, Xbox's Netflix-style Game Pass subscription (from £7.99 a month) remains tremendous value — and the easiest way to provide immediate access to hundreds of titles, including such five-star stunners as Forza Horizon 5 and this year's Pentiment. The seven-year-old fantasy epic that has a decent claim to being the best game of all timeThen there are the accessories that any gamer needs.

Normally, I'd say that headphones make for a great gift — and that's still true — but I've spent so much quality time with my Duelhawk Ultra Gaming Chair (currently on sale for £369) that chairs might become my new go-to recommendation.This particular one is luxurious, extremely comfortable and, best of all, comes in shades of just grey and black.
So you can spare Santa the embarrassment of having to manhandle a garish, fluorescent monstrosity down the chimney this Christmas.

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