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I bought these because my XL shirts are too big for me and I needed to go down a size. I usually buy Hemp shirts because of the comfort...but at $30/shirt I was willing to take a chance on something else. I've had NFL products in the past and I recall them being the go-to outfitter when I was in school. These are awesome to wear during the summer and to the gym. Mine are holding up nicely in the wash and the color has not faded nor have they shrunk. These are so cheap Burkina Faso jerseys that if you are on the fence just do it.
This is my "Goldie-Locks" of t-shirts. I wanted a t-shirt that was ultra comfortable that I could work out in that wasn't too thin or too thick, not too long or too short, not too loose or too tight. I tried multiple brands and figured out that these NFL Athletic shirts were the ones that fit my needs. I have broad shoulders and a large back and chest. These shirts fit my body shape very well. I don't care for the dry-fit shirts. I like the feel of cotton or a cotton/poly blend against my skin. In addition to working out these are great for every day wear and lounging around in as well.
Perfect fit for me. I lift weights a lot and have large shoulders and chest. Even doing more cardio and losing body weight makes "normal" size shirts more difficult to find. I need a looser 2x or regular 3x shirt with extra length. Look no further. This NFL shirt is good to work out in, extra long to lay below the waistline by about three inches, but also looks great with a nice pair of shorts or jeans when going out. Totally pleased.

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