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Dehumidifiers use a heat pump (similar to an air conditioner's heat pump) or chemical adsorbents to eliminate moisture from the atmosphere without cooling the atmosphere.

A heat pump dehumidifier works on a lover to draw interior air over a heat exchange coil. The coil is practically freezing. The water in the atmosphere condenses on the coil and it is drained. A second heat exchange coil reheats the air, that the dehumidifier exhausts into the room.

A heat pump dehumidifier dumps heat lost from the compressor as well as fan motors into the air. It comes back to the indoor air the heat generated by the dehumidifier turning water vapour to fluid.

Synthetic adsorbent dehumidifiers
This type of dehumidifier is developed for hot, humid climates and chillwell portable ac camping (hyperlink) will not be truly suited for use in Canada.
Chemical adsorbent dehumidifiers take up moisture away from the atmosphere with a "desiccant"--a drying agent including silica gel. The desiccant is holding a heat exchange wheel. A distinct air loop dries the wheel and exhausts the warm, damp air outside through unique ducting.

A substance adsorbent dehumidifier uses more energy than a heat pump dehumidifier. It's just economical when it uses natural gas for heat exchange--and next just if natural gas is available at a low summer season rate.

Homemade dehumidifier

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