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Binance High Yield Staking Review 2021 – Binance Earn. Welcom to our Binance high yield staking review 2021. Binance launched this product in April 2021 as a part of Binance Earn. This is a product under Binance earning, where you can get extreme high APY if you deposit certain cryptocurrencies. Binance high yield staking is a great way to make your crypto work for you and get a crypto passive income . Binance High Yield Stake Rates and Cryptos. Binance has released it´s high yield staking program in several batches as you can see in the table below.

Also, there is a maximum amount for each Binance high yield staking program since it wouldn´t be sustainable to give such high returns to very large amount of deposits. This is probably a product to attract more users and more value locked into Binance. Read our full Binance review if you are looking for more information about Binance. Get 20% off from all fees charged by Binance with our referral code. How to Join Binance High Yield Staking?

In this step-by-step guide we will walk you through on how to join Binance high yield staking program. Once you have entered the Binance Earn section you can search for which coin you would like to stake. In our example, we searched for the best Cardano ADA interest rates , as you can see in the screenshot below. For ADA, there is a high yield staking option that returns 17.79% APY, as you also can see in the screenshot below. For this alternative, you have to lock your ADA for 15 days.

Also, there are other duration periods as you can see in the screenshot. Once you decide what duration period to stake, you click on the yellow stake button. Here, you need to confirm the amount you want to stake and confirm that you have read the terms and conditions. Binance High Yield Staking Risks Review. As with any investment, there are risks with staking. Locking up funds in a smart contract is prone to bugs, so it’s always important to DYOR.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange but it has suffered from an exchange hack as many other crypto exchanges. Get 20% off from all fees charged by Binance with our referral code. Binance High Yield VS Locked Staking. With Binance high yield, you often lock your funds for 15 days and the maximum subscription to stake per account is relative low compared to Binance locked staking. Key differences, Binance high yield VS locked staking. Binance high yield staking is in general locked for 15 days while locked staking is 30, hey binary options signals 60 or 90 days Binance high yield staking has a much lower maximum cap per account compared to locked staking Binance high yield staking is often filled up and might be more of an advertisement product from Binance side.

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