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Stine Smith, left, and Kristy Hunter, right, started a business together after becoming disillusioned by the cleaning industry

He had traveled from Washington D.C.

to Seattle late on Sunday and said he hadn't slept at all overnight, as he was instead making arrangements for his stay in Seattle.

Tesla is facing its worst year on record, with its share price falling 70% over the last 13 months

'We all store fat differently, but in general most women say they tend to gain weight in their lower abdomen and upper thighs,' Rachael (pictured) said; it helps to know your body type

Lech/Zuers, in western Austria, markets itself as 'one of the Best Website ski areas in the world' and part of the cradle of Alpine skiing.

Pictured: view of Lech (stock image)

To make your legs look longer, Perry recommends a pair of pointed toe pumps in nude, which will also soften an outfit 

'You may have enjoyed plenty of platters and ham toasties over the past few weeks, but it's now time to go easy on the processed meats including ham, prosciutto and bacon, Susie said.

Rachael (pictured doing the workout) recommends you complete each exercise for 45 seconds and do one leg at a time

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