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In addition, adequate buffer stock of pulses is also being creased. Recently, Government has increased MSPs of kharif pulses for 2016-17 reason as 5,050/per quintal, 5,225/per quintal and 5,000/per quintal for Tur (Arhar), Moong and Urad, respectively.

The MSP includes a bonus of 425/per quintal in each commodity. Hence, Government has substantially increased Minimum Support Prices (MSP) of pulses and enhanced imports to meet rising domestic demand. Government has also declared a bonus, over and above the MSP of 200/per quintal for kharif pulses of 2015-16 season and a bonus of 75/per quintal for rabi pulses of 2016-17 marketing season. A substantial rise in annual compound growth rate of MSPs of pulses is also recorded, which is attracting farmers for wide scale adoption of pulses as major crops.

Government has also developed a more transparent and beneficial purchase policy for pulses. Government has given clear directives that procurement is to be done under Price Support Scheme, if market prices are below MSP and under Price Stabilization Fund, if prices are above MSP.

ROME, Feb 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When scientist Peter Soroye first saw the figures showing estimated bumblebee populations in North America had fallen by nearly 50% in a single generation, he thought it must be a typo.

Michael Gove warned the EU that its threat to cut off the UK's vaccine supply had eroded the UK's trust in the bloc - as he demanded 'refinement' of the Brexit deal agreed in December to ease trade problems in Northern Ireland.

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Most of the rest of the land lies in Russia (1.7 million square miles)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

More than half of that landmass lies in Canada (1.6 million square miles) including in the very cold Yukon region.

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