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Liposuction is a type of surgery. that helps get rid of excess fat to the point Such as the accumulated fat in the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, waist or wattles, etc. Liposuction is also considered as a shortcut in slimming down. secure and see a very clear result after doing

Even liposuction will make a smaller proportion. and has a slimmer figure But it's not a weight loss as many people think. Liposuction is risky nowadays. And there is very little danger If we choose a standard liposuction clinic Have a sterile operating room and an anesthesiologist Continue to monitor for symptoms. (For liposuction with anesthesia) For anyone who wants to know how to choose a safe, standardized clinic.

Nowadays, most people attach great importance to eating. There are also a lot of delicious food. But when we eat more will become fat without realizing it Plus the older you get The metabolism was even worse. It gives us excess problems. And obesity can happen easily, but don't worry. because of liposuction It can help solve the problem of excess fat on the spot!
Because liposuction (such as abdominal liposuction, wattle liposuction, upper arm liposuction, ดูดไขมัน (Natchayaclinic`s statement on its official blog) S-waist liposuction or thigh liposuction, etc.) will help get rid of excess fat. that accumulates under the skin and make the proportion smaller in just a few hours By relying on various liposuction machines to help in the breakdown of fat. which we can liposuction with anesthetic or liposuction with anesthesia The anesthesiologist can as well. The doctor will recommend as appropriate for each case.
in our body There will be fat accumulated at various points throughout the body, which we can divide into 4 large groups:
• subcutaneous fat (Subcutaneous Fat)
• Visceral Fat
• fat that penetrates the muscles
• atheroma
but the belly fat It can be clearly divided into 2 types, namely subcutaneous fat. and abdominal fat which most obese people There is often the accumulation of these two types of fat.

For the part where we can suck the fat out. is the fat under the skin layer only which fat in this layer of skin It will affect the beauty of our shape primarily. Simply put, it is the one that makes us fatter or thinner. Affects self-confidence harmless to the body And does not affect any health. In each person, there will be fat accumulation at different points, much-less differently. The amount of fat in each position of each person will affect the results after liposuction. as well
How to check that Do we really have fat deposits under the skin? Or really, the proportions are not that big because of the fat. but instead of muscle and wrinkled skin which we can check that Are we suitable for liposuction? by testing that we have subcutaneous fat Is it enough for liposuction? which will have both self-check use tools and going to the hospital to check
1. Easy to check fat by yourself at home by doing Pinch Tes t or using our hands. Squeeze out the fat that we are concerned about. such as belly fat If squeezed up and thick the thicker It means that we only have a lot of subcutaneous fat.
2. use a fat meter Or a fat meter like Body Fat , which is a device that we often see at fitness centers or sold in various online shopping apps, each model has different accuracy and price.
3. use a fat meter or fat clamps Fat Caliper (calipers measure fat) to clamp and see fat that makes us look fatter Is it subcutaneous fat? Or is it fat in the abdomen? if the clamp is thick It means that we have a lot of subcutaneous fat. can come to see a doctor to assess liposuction
4. Ultrasound to see how thick our fat layer is

• People who have problems with excess fat
• People with disproportionate problems
• People who exercise and don't lose fat.
• People who want the proportion to be reduced immediately
• people who are unable to exercise
• People who want to enhance their shape

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