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If you're looking for a high-quality handheld GPS, you'll want one that's reliable, and that performs effectively. It should also be easy to use.

Battery life is a major issue. GPS handhelds should last at least 10 hours under normal usage.


The most reliable Garmin handheld GPS feature screens that are large enough to be able to read. A large screen can help users quickly find out where they are, especially if you intend to drive or hike.

If you're fishing or boating and need a larger screen, a large one is also helpful because it lets you see the information and map clearly at a glance. smaller units, on the other hand, might not be easy to locate while on boats, in the sun, or when you're using it with gloves on.

A few of the top handheld GPS gadgets have touchscreens that are simple and intuitive to use. But, they're typically more heavy which means they take up more space than GPS devices with buttons. Furthermore, touchscreens aren't as reliable in extreme wet or cold weather, and they can be hard to use while wearing gloves.

Battery Life

Battery life is among the most important aspects when it comes to hand-held GPS devices. A good battery is essential for keeping your device operational when out on the trail or going off grid and you're not able to recharge at your campsite.

Batteries are available in various shapes and sizes, but most commonly, they are the classic AA. They're affordable, have long life spans, and can be changed out whenever they're running out of power.

Also, some of most reliable Garmin handheld GPSs come with power packs that are an alternative that is convenient. They can be charged when you're traveling, and they can also be Used Garmin Alpha 100 For sale as a backup.

Another aspect to consider can be how much brightness you have on your screen. This can make a huge difference in the way it's possible to view your maps or data points during sunny days. Newer handheld GPS units feature better anti-glare as well as backlighting features to aid in improving brightness in direct sunlight.

Simple Interface

If you're looking for a portable GPS, you'll want to ensure it has an easy interface. This is particularly important when you're not a savvy user.

A good interface can make the difference between a grumpy hand-held GPS and one that allows navigation to be a breeze. The most reliable Garmin handheld GPS can make your life easier by supplying all the features you need in an easy-to-use and user-friendly format.

The most important thing to be looking for in the handheld GPS is its screen. A good screens will enable it much more easy to find every detail you require and should be easy to read in direct sunlight.

You'll also want to check whether the device is compatible with multiple satellites, like GPS as well as GLONASS. These will allow the unit to get a more accurate position fix, particularly in canyons that are deep or with thick cover.


Garmin handheld GPS units are the most compact and feature-rich among our GPS units. They're simple to slip in a pocket or backpack with no problem they come with all the features you require to monitor your travels, mark waypoints, make notes, geocache, pull altitude profiles and more.

Screens on handheld GPS devices vary in both size and resolution which is crucial for outdoor use because you require clear vision of what's there. The top handheld GPS models are bright enough to be read even in direct sunlight. They must have adequate backlighting and contrast to minimize the glare.

For example for example, this Garmin eTrex 20 x 65k features the 2.2-inch display that features a 240x320-pixel resolution. It also features a bright display to make sure you see your maps in direct sun. The device also comes with 8GB of internal memory to store additional mapping data, and a microSD card slot to expand the capacity of. It also comes with TopoActive basemap that Garmin has preloaded as its map software to North America, and includes features like contour lines to show elevation changes or loss or lost, as well as places of interest and on- and off-road navigation.

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